Artefact mosaic studio

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Handmade mosaics DONE WITH PASSION

Mosaic for design

Mosaic for architecture

Mosaic by commission

That's how we work

Complete creation

Presentation of the sketch and the dimensions of the locations where it will go.
We will prepare an offer indicating the best materials, techniques and installation methods based on the sketch and the informations about the project.
Preparation a full-size paper colored sketch. For any mosaic, public, private or religious, the choice of the subject plays a crucial part in the success of the final product.

Professional designs

Creation of a mosaic sample in scale.
Once the sketch has been decided we realize a sample to give a realistic idea of how will be the final mosaic.

Master mosaic makers

Crafting in our studio.
During the creation of the project, it will be possible to visit our studio, in Venice allowing the client to appreciate the details and behind the stage.

Mosaic appliers crew

Packaging and shipment. Application on site